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Moments To Momentum

Jan 27, 2021

In addition to being the Founder/CEO of her company Go Consulting LLC  - Katrina Owens is a friend and helper to many, as well as an active community leader. But it’s her love/responsibilities as a mother, along with her love/appreciation of her parents, that motivates her. 
Thanks to a great blend of classroom education, real-world experiences and extensive on-the-job training, Katrina provides a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise, in service to her clients and community. It’s easy to see, why Katrina’s purpose/cause/passion, is helping other people, reach greatness. And that starts with herself. You see everyday, Katrina challenges herself to be better than she was the day before; to practice kindness and understanding; elevate her craft as a leader and a leadership coach; and to allow her story, to inspire and motivate others to cultivate positivity, hard-work, love, and compassion - while valuing her own time, family, friends and well-being.. 
Please enjoy this honest, multi-faceted and impactful episode, and please be sure to like and share with others. This episode can genuinely help a lot of people. Thanks! 
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