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Moments To Momentum

Mar 3, 2021

Julie is the founder of Next Pivot Point, and a highly-acclaimed specialist on diversity and inclusion. She’s also led teams and produced results in corporate America, for nearly two decades. After experiencing her own career “pivot point,” Julie developed programs, to help women leaders create their own winning career game plan. Focused on promoting true diversity and inclusion in the workplace, while encouraging women with their “what’s next” moments - Julie is the author of Pivot Point, a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker and executive coach. She holds an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, is a Certified Unconscious Bias trainer, and Certified Master Coach.

In this episode, Julie talks about how an experience at her first job out of college, opened her eyes to the lack of diversity in the workplace. She also shares her thoughts on the importance of having ally's, and the moment that she realized that her calling was to help organizations be more inclusive.

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