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Moments To Momentum

Mar 10, 2021

Versatility, passion and innovation are the hallmarks of American conductor Janna Hymes. Renowned for her inspiring performances, musical depth and energetic presence both on and off the podium, she has developed a reputation as an exciting, detailed communicator. Praised by the press as “an architect, a builder in sound, a conductor with an overall view who never misses details,” Ms. Hymes is Artistic Director of Indiana’s Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) since 2017 and was recently appointed Artistic Director of the Carmel Music and Film Festival which she helped to launch. She served as Music Director of the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) from 2004 to 2019, when she celebrated the WSO’s 35th anniversary and her 15th and final season. A popular guest conductor, Ms. Hymes continues to expand her relationships with orchestras nationwide. 

Zachary DePue has established himself in concert venues around the world delivering virtuosic high-energy violin performances. He demonstrates command as a leader, soloist, collaborator, and improvisational artist reaching across a diverse landscape of music. His authentic warmth and generosity on stage invites audiences to join him in all his explorations. DePue became one of the youngest concertmasters in the country when he was appointed to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) in 2007. For more than a decade, DePue served the orchestra as a passionate and dedicated leader both in and outside the concert hall. He was named a member of the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series, connecting Indianapolis’ emerging leaders to the issues and needs of the community. 

In this super fun, high-energy and highly informative episode, Janna and Zach talk about how they each got their start in the music industry, along with impactful moments (as well as tips and advice) from their lives, that inspire them to be who they are. We also discuss their upcoming show at the Palladium, located in Carmel, IN on Saturday, March 13th. 

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