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Moments To Momentum

Mar 24, 2021

Carmel Indiana Mayor Jim Brainard, is Carmel’s first seven-term mayor. Under his stewardship, Carmel has experienced tremendous growth and prosperity. It is considered one of the best and fastest growing cities in the United States. 
The population has grown from 25,000, to almost 100,000 in the last 25 years. Park land, greenspace, and trails have increased from 40 acres to more than 800, including the Monon Trail and Central Park. The development of the Arts & Design District, Palladium, City Center and a new Midtown project, has helped in the creation of a vibrant, thriving walkable city, where companies want to locate, employees want to live and families want to raise their children. Mayor Brainard is frequently asked to speak around the world about city planning, climate change, redevelopment & roadways.
In this fun episode, Mayor Brainard talks about his journey to becoming the mayor of Carmel, his passion and experience for creating a thriving suburb with a successful downtown, a moment in 1969 that impacted his life, along with valuable advice on leadership, management and accountability. 

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