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Moments To Momentum

Apr 14, 2021

Dr. Kevin Berkopes is an unapologetic disruptor, educator, and inventor-- he believes human ecosystems change for the better through entrepreneurship. He and his teams have relentlessly pursued a new system for education that answers THE question of our generation: How do we achieve equitable access to high quality education and resources for all children?

In 2016, Kevin launched Crossroads Education, a cutting-edge peer-to-peer collaborative tutoring approach that was designed to heighten the capacity of young people to learn while eliminating some of the undo burden on the classroom teacher. Combining tutoring, peer collaboration, and tech-enabled services, The Learning Commons has reset the expectations for how students can become self-directed learners. In 2018, Crossroads Education expanded its product line through funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Completing the vision, Crossroads now offers services to Elementary, Middle, High School, and Universities with client-funded projects and philanthropic funding from IU Health, Facebook, IEDC, and United Way of Central Indiana.

In this episode, Kevin talks about growing up between 2 poles of poverty, his decision to become a teacher while backpacking through the Appalachian Mountains, and how injustice, equity, and trauma led him down the path to creating Crossroads Education. 

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