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Moments To Momentum

Apr 21, 2021

Derrin is the humble Founder of ProAct Indy, an Indiana nonprofit organization, committed to standing in the gap for vulnerable youth and underserved communities, through human-centered social good.

With a strong background in nonprofit management and research, training, and leadership, Derrin acts as the conduit between the needs of the community, and the individuals, partners, sponsors, and students that engage with ProAct. Under his servant leadership, the organization has engaged over 25,000 boys and girls, community leaders, and business professionals to value intentional community engagement and appreciate diversity and equity as an integral part of their lives. Derrin has coached/trained across the USA, as well as in Ireland, Ethiopia, Mali, Mexico & the UK.

In this super fun, engaging and impactful episode, Derrin shares with Fabian Rodriguez and me, about losing yourself in the service of others, the power of vulnerability, redemption, and a moment while on a mission trip to Botswana, Africa that changed his life.

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