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Moments To Momentum

Apr 28, 2021

Lindsay Tjepkema is the CEO and Co-Founder of Casted. In the years before starting Casted, Lindsay Tjepkema was a marketing leader for a global Martech SaaS enterprise where she led all of the brand’s content marketing efforts. Her mission was to help grow the business by aligning the brand around a common message, humanizing it with a unified voice, and highlighting the perspectives of customers, partners, industry experts, and internal thought leaders.  What started with interviews of those subject matter experts turned into a powerful global content strategy. Lindsay left her role as a marketing leader to launch Casted, the only podcast marketing platform built to give marketers a true return on effort through access, amplification, and attribution of their brand podcasts and related content.

In this episode we talk about her love of Brene Brown, the differences between joy and happiness, and the moment when she discovered her life’s mantra, to "boldly be yourself".

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