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Moments To Momentum

May 5, 2021

Leonard Hoops has served as president & CEO of Visit Indy since 2011. He leads a team of 65 industry professionals who are charged with growing Central Indiana’s $5.4 billion convention, tourism, and event business.

Under Hoops’ leadership, Visit Indy has shattered all-time records for convention and tourism sales, delivering up to $1 billion annually in incremental economic impact and a 90-to-1 return on investment from public funding. During his tenure, Indianapolis has been named the #1 convention city in America by USA Today, and a top visitor destination by The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, and Travel + Leisure.

In this episode, Leonard dives into discovering more about his Trinidadian and Quaker ancestry, how he got started working with Destination Marketing Organizations, his role and impact at Visit Indy, his “3 P’s” for creating a great culture, and an impactful moment when he was working for the San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau Center that had him hunting for unicorns. 

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