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Moments To Momentum

May 26, 2021

Karen is an internationally-recognized thought leader whose TEDx appearance, keynotes, blogs and books reach thousands of business leaders, each year.  She is the author of “Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You”, “Listen UP! How to Tune Into Customers and Turn Down the Noise”, and “Success With Less”. A prolific blogger and sought-after media interview, she has been featured in Forbes and regularly contributes to Thrive Global and ZDNet.

As Vice President of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce, she engages current and future customers around the world to discover new ways of creating success and growth. She serves on the company’s Work from Home Taskforce, where she is helping the company’s 50,000+ worldwide employees to better adapt to a work-from-home environment. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, she also serves on the company’s Racial Equality and Justice Taskforce. Prior to Salesforce, she spearheaded Customer Satisfaction and Experience at Cisco.

In this fun, expansive and vibrant episode, Karen talks about being a “mutlipotentialite,” learning to ask what matters by reading her late grandmother’s diaries, her desire to heal people’s relationship with success, and a moment when she learned to trust the ideas of her team and realized that as a leader, she didn't need to have all of the answers. 

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