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Moments To Momentum

Jun 9, 2021

Marcus Manges is the Regional President for Accelerent, an exclusive business development community in 6 markets across the US – each market has between 45-65 partner companies who are all committed to helping each other grow by making warm, c-level introductions to each other’s top prospects. He is passionate about helping Indiana businesses grow and his role gives him the unique chance to interact with hundreds of executives around the state each year. Marcus also engages the community by serving in his church and on non-profit boards. Most importantly, Marcus is a loving husband, and father of 5 children. 

In this fun and expansive episode, Marcus talks about Faith, Family, and Fraternity. We dive into discussions about why leading with empathy is important, the benefits of “owning it”, the true value of relationships, and a humbling moment he experienced while attending Wabash College.

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