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Moments To Momentum

Sep 10, 2020

Wes Steele is the CEO of Steele Benefit Services. Steele Benefit Services is a benefits engagement, enrollment, and administration company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The company has been in business for decades and helps companies with employees throughout the United States. They connect employees with the benefits they need to live prosperous lives.  When employees understand the benefits offered by their company, employees tend to be more loyal and productive.

The Steele family is a family of entrepreneurs and has formed at least nine different businesses over the past two generations. Behind Steele is a set of core values, and still today we identify, hire, review, and promote the people with shared common values.  Among those values: 1) a commitment to be helpful, 2) acting with responsiveness, 3) exhibiting teamwork, 4) earning trust, and 5) being our genuine selves.

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