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Moments To Momentum

Jun 23, 2021

Scott Jones is a prolific and renowned entrepreneur, investor, businessman, educator and philanthropist. Having raised over $200 million for his companies, resulting in over $5 billion of investor returns, Scott created and/or co-founded the world's largest voicemail provider, the world's largest music and video database company (Gracenote, now a division of Nielsen), one of the world's most innovative autonomous robotic vehicle products, the first successful virtual assistant (which correctly answered billions of questions in real-time better than Siri or Alexa), and now, one of the world's top-ranked software development and cybersecurity full-immersion training programs, known as Eleven Fifty Academy.

In this fun, expansive and insightful episode, we welcome Scott Jones as our 50th guest and the first episode of season 3. While we cover lots of topics (including Scott’s new tattoo), we barely scratch the surface about Scott’s significant accomplishments, and the vast array of companies Scott has founded. That said, we also chat about artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles (and lawnmowers), how Eleven Fifty Academy is solving the tech talent problem in the Midwest, and Scott’s trillion-dollar idea, the Career Accelerator Fund.

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