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Moments To Momentum

Jun 30, 2021

Matt Hunckler is the founder and CEO of Powderkeg - a digital community (which also hosts great in-person meetups) for thousands of tech entrepreneurs and professionals, that are building innovative companies in tech hubs between the coasts. Moreover, Matt and Powderkeg, are appreciated for simultaneously helping tech startups build great companies - while also helping those startups, as well as individuals - find, get and nurture great jobs, and prosperous careers they love.
Matt is also a coveted keynote speaker, and the host of an award-winning podcast “Powderkeg: Igniting Startups”, a show that shares the most fascinating stories of professional growth and innovation coming out of communities across America. Hunckler is also the author of “The Spark”, a hand-curated newsletter covering the tech news outside Silicon Valley.  
In this super fun and insightful episode, Matt talks about getting bit by the entrepreneur bug at a very young age, getting married during a pandemic, the “unvalley” (a place outside of Silicon Valley where untapped potential lives), creating magic (Matt even did an awesome TEDx Talk, using magic), and the pivotal moment where he decided to stay in the midwest and not move out west to Silicon Valley.

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