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Moments To Momentum

Jul 21, 2021

Lindsay Boccardo is a global, top-rated virtual presenter, keynote speaker, host of the Youtube show “The Porch”, and founder of Lindsay Boccardo Training and Coaching.

She is fascinated by generations in the workplace. As a nationally-recognized expert of Millennials and Gen Z, groups from across the country lean on her to help their teams work better together. With four generations of employees in the workforce right now, leaders are looking for new ways to help their organization stand out, recruit, retain and engage the talent on their teams. That's where Lindsay comes in, as she speaks to groups large and small, coaches their top talent, and provides real, actionable solutions for creating success in a multi-generational workplace.

In this fun, insightful, and expansive episode Lindsay talks about how playing drums in a band taught her about leadership, going to coaching school after her band broke up, the importance of emotional intelligence, her love of Chris Pratt, and a moment when her former boss pushed her outside of her comfort zone and asked her to MC an event in front of a crowd of 5,000 people!

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