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Moments To Momentum

Jul 28, 2021

Mike Kelly is an entrepreneur, author, farmer, podcast host, and co-founder of DeveloperTown and FullStack.  Mike helps corporate leaders and founders craft a vision for new products by working with them to put together strategies, teams, and funding to help launch, validate, and grow those products and businesses.

Mike is also an active advisor and/or board member at a number of organizations, including the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, TechPoint Foundation for Youth, AcreBin, Venue Intelligence, Peerview Data, Peoplocity, and the Indiana National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

In this fun and insightful episode, Mike talks about growing up in a small town in Indiana, how getting his first computer got him started down the technology path, his love of gluten-free cookies and whiskey, starting a farm to teach his kids about meaningful work and a conversation that has been burned into his memory where he learned the importance of not trivializing the suffering and pain that other people feel. 

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