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Moments To Momentum

Aug 25, 2021

Zac Darnell is a lifelong Hoosier, leader at SEP and host of SEP's Podcast, Behind The Product. Zac is a strategic and tactical product leader with a startup mindset, and over 15 years of diverse business and industry experience in various fast-paced organizations. Adept at creating and leading people-focused, process-driven, and technically aligned teams through a disciplined approach, individual empowerment, and shared vision.

In this fun and insightful episode, Zac talks about his podcast, Behind the product, his love of gaming, celebrity crushes, the differences between self-confidence and arrogance, the Johari Window, and a pivotal moment prior to starting at SEP when he was fired from his role as head of the engineering and product group because he was pursuing it for the wrong reasons, mainly a title and money. 

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