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Moments To Momentum

Sep 22, 2021

I am happy to report, that Stephanie Neale and Bryan Neale (yes, they are a married dynamic duo!), are my guests’ on this weeks episode of my podcast, Moments to Momentum, with Scott Abbott.

Bryan is the founder and Stephanie is the CEO of Blind Zebra, an elite sales and client success coaching company located in Indianapolis. Blind Zebra training is built on Bryan’s simple yet powerful "Think-Do-Say" foundation, and is available primarily through BZ’s Coaching Communities, group training programs designed around three pillars: relevant and modern coaching for sales and Customer Success (CS) teams, the accountability of professional peer groups and connection with like-minded individuals in a shared discipline. Blind Zebra offers Coaching Communities for high-performing or high-potential salespeople and customer success professionals, as well as VP-level peer groups for sales and CS leaders in a subscription model, much like a traditional SaaS company. In addition to being an NFL referee and nationally known keynote speaker, you may recognize Bryan’s voice from his side-gig as co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, the longest-running sales podcast in history.

In this super fun, exciting and wide ranging episode, Stephanie and Bryan talk about how they first met, The Price is Right, their first jobs out of college, starting the IU Dance Marathon, the story behind Blind Zebra, refereeing in the NFL, and a few professional and personal moments that impacted their lives.