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Moments To Momentum

Nov 10, 2021

Daniel Fuller is passionate about seeing people, leaders, cultures, and organizations develop. His life and work are given to empowering teachable, humble, and hungry leaders and teams to create and sustain joyful, strategic, and productive environments.

Today, Daniel is the Vice President of Business Development at FullStack PEO, an organization that provides turnkey HR for emerging companies. Prior to joining FullStack, Daniel's background was in coaching global, entrepreneurial leaders and Indianapolis mission-driven organizations.

While completing his MA in Global Leadership, Daniel founded a startup, Sycamore Way, focused on developing tangible skills for leaders and organizations to be talent development cultures.  He is the host of the “Savage to Sage” podcast, exploring the evolution of entrepreneurs through the crucible of starting and growing companies.
In this fun and expansive episode, Daniel talks about the parallels between growing up in rural western New York and small Hoosier towns, why he decided to major in Spanish at Houghton College, lessons learned from working with non-profits, the importance of embracing who you are,  and a monumental moment of transition that changed his life. 
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