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Moments To Momentum

Nov 23, 2021

Duncan Alney is the founder of Firebelly Marketing, a top-rated social media marketing agency. Duncan is a self-described "conscious entrepreneur and compassionate leader".  He is the host of The Firebelly Social Show podcast. 

He has become known as a change agent, a straight shooter, a people-focused compassionate leader, a problem solver, and a seeker of joy. Duncan brings a distinct warmth to the table - enabling connection, conversation, and community. Duncan self-funded his own education in the United States, where he secretly dreamed of being a cowboy. When this dream didn’t go as well, Duncan turned to the agency world - and founded Firebelly in 2001. 

In this insightful and expansive episode, Duncan talks about being an “OG” original, growing up with unique Jewish-Christian roots, adopting the 4 agreements, thinking about death, losing time on TikTok, having great conversations, serving others, and a moment of clarity he experienced while on a trip to Calcutta to care for his aging parents. 

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