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Moments To Momentum

Dec 8, 2021

CJ McClanahan is a sought-after coach, speaker, author, and advisor. Since 2003, he’s spent more than 10,000 hours in front of entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams helping them to achieve record sales.

A few years after starting his firm, CJ noticed that no matter how much success his clients achieved, few ever seemed to truly enjoy the journey. It didn’t matter if they doubled their income or become CEO – it never seemed to be enough.

It was clear to him, that our standard definition of success wasn’t delivering the desired results. At this point, CJ became obsessed with helping his clients refocus on what was most important – both personally and professionally.

CJ’s latest book, The Overachiever’s Dilemma, lays out a proven strategy to help professionals get back to what matters most in their lives while still achieving their professional goals.

In this episode, CJ talks about being a law school dropout, buying a franchise 2 weeks before his son was born, his new book “The Overachiever’s Dilemma”, his hardcore Wim Hof habits, and a moment he experienced while reading “When Good Things Happen to Good People”, that he discovered that the best way to find joy is by giving money and time. 

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