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Moments To Momentum

Jan 5, 2022

Alicia McKoy is a business owner & serial entrepreneur dedicated to making the work environment better for all. As the Founder and CEO of Peak Mind, her mission is to provide a variety of easy and effective solutions for elevating well-being in the workplace by helping organizations reduce healthcare costs while improving employee satisfaction, well-being, and engagement. In addition to her work with Peak Mind, Alicia has also been an actress and model for more than 16 years. 

In this fun and insightful episode, Alicia talks about being a social scientist, being curious, spending millions of dollars as a corporate interior designer, her passion for workplace well-being, recently winning $80k in a pitch competition, watching tv to relax, the importance of micro nudges, why you should fill your social media feed with positivity, and a pivotal moment in college when she was fired over a $10 bonus. 

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