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Moments To Momentum

Mar 30, 2022

Devin Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of Kennected - an Indianapolis-based SaaS company, with over 15,000 users. He is a serial entrepreneur, inspiring leader, and an adept marketer. As the CEO of Kennected, Devin directs the daily workflow, and is responsible for the overall success of over 125+ employees, and reaching over $15m in sales. His leadership led to Kennected being a recipient of the coveted INC 5000 ranking at #583 - for 832% growth in 2021.

Devin’s vision is to build a world where people value relationships even more than money; and where people feel inspired to help their fellow business professionals each and every day. This vision has directly led to Kennected being voted a “Top Place to Work” in Indianapolis. Devin’s diverse employees, partners and clients see him as an inspirational and empathetic thought leader, who always maintains both a positive work environment and a culture of hard work, thoughtfulness, and understanding. He always leads by example - bringing out the absolute best in others.

In this fun and insightful episode, Devin talks about tattoos, cold plunging, getting his entrepreneurial start by selling sneakers, finding his faith, controlling your environment, leaving your ego behind, knowing who you are, and shares sage business advice about the importance of starting out with the right mindset.

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