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Moments To Momentum

Aug 31, 2022

Mark McFatridge is the Founder & CEO of Quade Executive Peer Group. He has over 25 years of professional experience and has played a prominent leadership role everywhere he’s served.  His background includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer and board member for both public and privately held companies. Mark has led divisions of large companies and accumulated a portfolio of his own privately held companies. As an organizational specialist, Mark has excelled at turning around companies performing below their potential.  His most recent example was leading the exit of a privately held company for an 800% increase in value only three years after taking over as Chief Executive Officer.  

McFatridge is the proud father of two University of Mississippi graduates who are on their own personal and professional journeys.  His partner for life, Deb, a Butler grad and former member of an executive peer group herself, has played a variety of roles throughout Mark's life including best friend, cheerleader, ass kicker, sidekick, partner and guiding light.  The McFatridge family journey has been filled with successes and failures like most families.  Throughout it all that journey has been done together.

In this fun and insightful episode, Mark talks about community banking, culture, the importance of listening to understand not to respond, the story behind his nickname, self-awareness, surrounding yourself with good people, and a moment when overcame imposter syndrome and realized that we had the ability to be the leader he thought he could be.   

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