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Moments To Momentum

Sep 14, 2022

Clint Mitchell is CEO and co-owner of Estridge Homes, one of the largest home builders and residential real estate developers in the Indianapolis market. Since 1967, Estridge Homes has developed many of the top-selling neighborhoods in the state, totaling nearly 9,000 homes and over 50 neighborhoods. Prior to being named CEO in 2021, Mitchell led the company in areas of sales, marketing, land acquisition and development, product development, and investor relations.

Clint was previously SVP of Business Development for Mainstreet Capital, responsible for the market selection and healthcare operator relationships for the company's real estate development business. Previously at Mainstreet, Clint led Acquisitions and Corporate Development for the company's affiliated publicly traded REIT, Healthlease Properties, until its sale to Welltower in 2014. He was involved with Mainstreet since 2010 in the areas of business development, acquisitions, and debt capital raising.

Outside of work, Clint enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and two daughters, who are both off at college. He has competed in multiple Ironman, marathon, and endurance trail races. He enjoys all types of outdoor activities including hiking, snow skiing, and mountain biking.

In this fun and insightful episode, Clint talks about growing up in a farming family, how getting his start at Angie’s List led him to meet Bill Oesterle, surviving the financial crash of the 2000s, how he got his start in real estate, his commitment to endurance sports, his long journey to becoming CEO of Estridge Homes, networking and creating deep relationships, having intellectual curiosity, the story of how his company responded to Covid in early 2020. 

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