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Moments To Momentum

Oct 1, 2020

Larry Smith is a minister and founder and CEO of nonprofit consultant Leading Edge Advisory Firm. He has 20+ years of experience in working and developing strategic relationships and delivering measurable results with a wide range of constituencies. Expert in effectively leading change, shifting gears comfortably, and exceeding objectives in varied and complex environments. Skillful at developing strategies to raise and leverage funds while working with regional and community boards. A thought leader with skills in developing and communicating an inspiring vision, with a core sense of purpose and an innate ability to motivate people and organizations. 

Keith L. Graves began serving as the City-County Councillor for District 13 in 2019. A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Keith proudly served his city and his country, and is honored to continue that service as a representative of the homeowners, taxpayers, and all the neighbors that call District 13 home. Keith is also a Registered Financial Services Professional where he helps investors design their financial futures and overcome barriers to building wealth. He helps clients with planning for college education, saving for home purchases, as well as planning for retirement. He is a military veteran, honorably discharged after serving 13 Years in the United States Army Reserves. Keith has spent eight years working in municipal government across multiple departments with a primary focus on criminal justice, which includes playing a key role in the creation of the Marion County Pretrial Release Program. He currently sponsors two important organizations: Socks4Souls, a charity that provides toiletries and conversations for homeless Americans, and Water for Empowerment, which focuses on building healthy futures through clean water initiatives. Last, but not least, he is a proud father and member of Eastern Star Church.

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