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Moments To Momentum

May 12, 2021

Kelly is an acclaimed PR professional, with extensive expertise in developing and implementing winning communication strategies. She is also the host of not one, but two podcasts: “The Badassery Life” and “Our Joy Project”. Kelly has garnered 25+ years of hands-on experience in nonprofit, education, arts, and corporate communications - by working with/for Indianapolis’ largest and oldest public relations firms, a public research university in Indianapolis, and by managing her own consultancy firm, Baise Communications.

In this fun, personal and energetic episode, Kelly talks about growing up in Germany, the lessons she learned from working in the agency world, the importance of storytelling: personally and professionally, a big momentous moment she experienced while working at IUPUI (where she was tapped by the Chancellor to lead the schools response around the 9/11 tragedy), and how to fully embrace the “Badassery Life”.

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