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Moments To Momentum

Dec 16, 2020

Jason Cochran is a licensed psychologist of 15+ years and co-founder of iAspire, a SaaS company whose mission is to help organizations make culture their competitive advantage. Along with his fellow co-founders, he has helped to pioneer the first, and only, intelligent culture assistant that automatically attracts, develops, and retains talent to transform organizations into destination employers.

Fascinated by the exploration of human potential, Jason’s expertise spans across education and business sectors to equip leaders in nurturing healthy cultures through employee experiences and adaptive micro-coaching through the lens of human-centered design. Jason helps organizations focus on the “Now What” when it comes to culture strategy by designing multi-tiered systems of culture support from onboarding to off-boarding and everything in-between in the employee lifecycle which is then implemented with fidelity by the iAspire solution. His research and application of cognitive processing and social-emotional learning theories in his graduate studies contributed to the validity evidence for various cognitive and behavioral assessments. 

Jason and his wife, Rachel, met at a fitness training seminar (Les Mills BodyPump) in January of 2010 and both still coach group fitness at the local YMCA’s around Indy. They now live in Noblesville, IN with their 4 boys - the newest additions being twins who were just born in May of 2020. Jason enjoys reading any literature related to psychology or philosophy. As an avid sports fan, he has a goal of visiting every major NFL and MLB park and eventually traveling around the world in a tiny house with his wife to check off all of the items on their bucket list!

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